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A Scientific Roundup

Wall Street Journal | By Editorial Board
Perhaps you’ve read that science should rule when determining environmental standards. So why aren’t progressives cheering an Environmental Protection Agency order declaring that the chemical glyphosate doesn’t cause cancer?

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In Roundup Trials, The Deck Is Stacked Against Science

Forbes | By Corbin Barthold
The question, however, is whether real live humans who experience real-life exposure to glyphosate in real-world quantities are more likely to develop cancer. And the largest study to grapple with that question found, after tracking more than fifty-thousand people for more than twenty years, that there is no link between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the cancer at issue in the recent court trials.

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Attorney on Roundup cases: ‘Focusing on the science can be difficult for a jury’

St. Louis Record | By John Severance
“It was all about the science and studies have shown repeatedly these herbicides are safe when used as directed for their intended purpose. With the passage of a higher proof of evidence for expert testimony in Missouri, it is my hope that cases like this will yield greater inspection into the true science presented instead of just an opinion based on theory.”

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The Federalist Society Podcast: Roundup Weedkiller Litigation

The Federalist Society
In a series of recent decisions, both federal and state courts have allowed the admission of scientific evidence alleging that Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller is associated with lymphoma. These courts have allowed these cases to proceed, despite the fact that the EPA and other authorities have concluded that there is no established link between such products and cancer.

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